myTRIPS – Route planner, trip organizer, offline maps, city guides (Universal)
With myTRIPS you can plan your journey in a fun and easy way. Just select the place you want to visit and create a route for each day of your trip. Forget taking paper maps or tour guides, with myTRIPS you’ll have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Video Web Downloader – Play videos from the web! (Universal)
Video Web Downloader is the definitive app for playing online and download videos from your favorite web sites!

TVSofa -Track your favorite series and movies (Universal)
TVSofa is the best tool for tracking series and movies on your iPhone and iPad. With this universal app you will discover new shows and movies and save then in your favorites list to access then later.

Routes. Planning your Journeys (Universal)
Planning your journeys with “Routes. Planning your Journeys” is now as easy as touching a map! Forget using a paper map in a Hotel when you are going to planning the route for tomorrow! With this app you will save a lot of time and it will be much more easy and funny!

Sliding Social Tiles (iPhone)
Sliding Social Tiles (Puzzler) is a simple and addictive puzzle game for all ages. The goal is to get all the tiles in their correct spot by sliding or tapping them.Why Sliding Social Puzzle is different from others similar games? All the images to play with are from Flickr (account is not required), one of the best photo social networks. You can also play offline with your own photos or just making a photo with the camera and playing with it. Simply great!

Social Matching (iPad)
Play the classic memory game in a different way! Social Matching uses your favorite social network for the card images (No account is required). The goal is to guess all pairs as quickly as possible.

Comic Aquarium (Universal)
Comic Aquarium is a simulator game where you have to create your own aquariums and take care your fishes. While you are passing levels, you are unlocking new and more great animal, decors and tanks!

Shark Attack (iPhone)
The Clash Soft brings you SHARK ATTACK! The most sensational and entertaining game like “tower defense” that exists for your iPhone or iPod Touch.Your mission is to protect your little fishes of large marine predators. In order to win and pass levels you will have to combine mental agility, strategy, tactics and speed.

Ocean Rescue (iPhone, iPad)
Ocean Rescue HD is an enhanced, easy to control action-puzzle game for your iPad. In Ocean Rescue HD you have to demostrate your skills to save as many people as you can and reach the top of the world scoreboard. Now imagine that you are a lifeguard, your mission is saving as much people as possible! But it’s not so simple! Be careful with the white sharks, rain, dense fog and of course, the strong wind.

Todo Group (iPhone, iPad)
Todo Group is much more than just a whole is a task manager collaborative where more than one user connected from anywhere in the world can add, delete or edit tasks within the same folder. It also serves as manager of private folders using conventional tasks.

Tram Alicante (iPhone, out of sale)
Are you planned to visit Alicante? Then this is your app for your iPhone / iPod Touch.With Tram Alicante you will see at a glance the map of Alicante tram network, locate the nearest stations to your current position and see the route you have to walk or drive to get there.