Comic Aquarium for iPad is comming!

Our new game, Comic Aquarium it will be available in two weeks!! Stay tunned.

Comic Aquarium is a simulator game where you have to create your own aquarium. You can decorate it as you want, adding plants, decors, backgrounds, grounds, fishes, etc… You can create your own ambiences choosing from a large quantity of items in the shop!

You will have to maintain your tanks clean and, of course, your animals without hunger to sell later (if you want) and get more coins, diamonds and experience. You can buy up to 10 tanks, each tank is different! Put imagination!

In Comic Aquarium you can also visit your OpenFeint friend’s aquariums and cleaning their tanks, sending messages in a bottle, and even stole their coins :)

While you are passing levels, you are unlocking new and more great fishes and decos! Remember that the more friends you have, the more quickly you get xp and coins!

Ah! You also can submit an aquarium snapshot to your Facebook account!
Comic Aquarium is also fully integrated with the famous social network OpenFeint!

The game is still in development and it will be available in two weeks.

All aquariums are syncing by Internet, so an active Internet connection is necessary to play the game.

Comic Aquarium will be also available for iPhone during the next month.

Here you have the first promo!

Promo Comic Aquarium

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